Trans-Border Leadership Development Program

Transform Yourself, Transcend the Border

Coming 2019!

What does it take to build bridges not walls?
What does it mean to be a cross-border leader?

In many ways, recent history shows the Tijuana-San Diego region to be a model for practicing effective leadership on the border. To date, however, much of this collaboration has been informal and based heavily on personal connections between a small and elite group of visionary leaders. The results of their effort and commitment have been considerable, yet there is still much to do. The need to attract and develop a new generation of leaders – expanding the scope and depth of talent – has never been greater.

Over a six-month period, the Trans-Border Leadership Development Program offers an extraordinary  opportunity to engage with other emerging leaders, explore and clarify your personal leadership vision, and develop a real-world project of significance to the border region with guidance from influential stakeholders. This program offers a holistic approach to leadership development—one that engages both intellectually and emotionally. It combines innovative approaches from the worlds of organizational behavior and the social sciences to build cross-border leadership skills based on a foundation of self-awareness, leadership knowledge, strong binational relationships, systems and design thinking, and a high level of cross-cultural savvy.

Leadership in context: agility, access, influence


A group of 12-18 emerging leaders will convene for an immersive leadership experience and  intensive introduction to binational dynamics. Selected from the private sector, government and non-profit organizations on both sides of the border, this inaugural cohort will be on the frontlines of building the future of our region.


Program Cost: $7500

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Dr. Rick Morales

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Dr. Rick Morales is an organizational consultant, founder and CEO of Trexlyn, Inc. dba Morales Associates.  For nearly 30 years Rick has specialized in helping enterprises develop leaders and teams, leverage strengths, clarify objectives, and implement learning strategies.  His interest in leadership and organizations was initially sparked by sociological investigations into U.S.-Mexico public policy issues, leading to work with a broad range of national and global firms.  Rick is a native of San Diego and holds a Doctorate in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley.

Dr. Ev Meade

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Dr. Everard Meade is Director of the Trans-Border Institute and teaches in the Kroc School of Peace Studies at the University of San Diego.  For the last 20 years he has conducted research and developed curricula on human rights and the Mexico-U.S. relations, and served as an expert witness on related matters in courts across the country. He currently directs peacebuilding and social innovation certificate programs for local leaders in Tijuana, Baja California, and Culiacán, Sinaloa.

2019 Program

A series of self and professional assessments to help participants understand their aspirations, place, and challenges in the trans-border context.

Leadership Reflection and Goal-setting
A three-day residential session where participants receive executive leadership training, helping them explore their strengths, development areas, and aspects of leadership across borders.

Trans-Border Opportunities Certificate
Join 30 local participants in an interactive certificate program exploring trans-border opportunities and challenges. Topics include the politics, products, people, places, and culture of the binational region.
Participants in the TBLDP will meet with regional leaders such as Denise Ducheny, José Larroque, José Galicot, and Miguel Marshall to learn what makes them effective cross-border leaders.

Reflection and Project Design
Participants reconvene for 2 days to share experiences and lessons learned. During this period of dialogue and ideation, participants will form teams to undertake trans-border projects and identify regional mentors.

Project Design and Implementation
Teams will work toward project goals with monthly mentorship meetings to reflect on challenges, learning and lessons.

Border Innovation Summit 2019
Teams will present the results of the projects to an audience of cross-border stakeholders, reflecting on their learning and setting a leadership agenda for the future.

When competence meets authenticity

When adaptability meets opportunity

Participants in the TBLDP will learn how to:

  • Utilize productive feedback from their professional networks

  • Adapt and be flexible in the face of constant change

  • Communicate, collaborate and seek solutions across cultural and political barriers

How will they achieve this?

  • Take action from a foundation of self awareness via 360 feedback and personality profiles

  • Cultivate a growth mindset while engaging with others

  • Wisdom capture with established leaders and stakeholders

What distinguishes the TBLDP from other leadership development programs?

  • Context – Focus on the border region

  • Expertise – Interactive seminars and field experiences

  • Deliverables – Design, prototype, and implement on an interdisciplinary team