Seminars and Certificates

Uncovering peace and justice solutions in Mexican communities.

How can universities teach peacebuilding to people in dangerous situations without resorting to hand-wringing paternalism or simply using other people's misfortunes as teachable material?

How can we empower people facing chronic violence to define and solve their own problems, rather than imposing solutions from abroad (which are almost certain to fail)?

How can students get involved in peacebuilding in substantive ways, doing something more than community service or volunteering?

At the Trans-Border Institute we have found that the most effective solutions to the pressing problems of peace and justice in Mexico will come from affected communities. They understand the problems and potential solutions better than any outside analysis. But, they also need encouragement, training and research infrastructure from unbiased sources, outside of their own political and social constraints, to realize their potential.

That's why TBI has developed interactive educational and capacity building programs in the areas of Mexico hardest hit by the drug war and the dislocations of the border. Our seminars and certificate programs are designed to cultivate the next generation of peacebuilders in Mexico and the border region by leveraging existing institutional strengths against the most pressing peace and justice issues.

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Hear from one of our students about how she's using music to tell the stories of her border experiences.
borderland seminar Entering a Borderland Read about one student's seminar experience in Mexicali which focused on how to conceptualize citizenship and build social movements to fight corruption.