Learn About Mexican Immigration Policy

Separating border facts from fiction.

Undocumented immigration to the United States is at a forty-year low. Our country admits a very limited number of refugees and the border is more secure than ever. Yet popular rhetoric continues to paint a picture of crisis; of individuals fleeing Mexico en masse and illegally occupying U.S. territory.

At the Trans-Border Institute, we set the record straight through non-partisan research, public forums and public outreach by connecting with civic organizations and media outlets to promote educated dialogue. Our goal is to end ignorant debates and start conversations that put human rights front and center. We bring together leading lawyers, policymakers and scholars to share their insights about the immigrant experience and how it can be improved through sustainable, democratic solutions. We also track the fairness of Mexican immigration policy, focusing on basic due process issues to see whether certain groups are more likely to face hurdles to peace and freedom.