On the record: Reporters open up.

Journalists reporting on the frontline of conflict in contemporary Mexico risk everything to expose regional violence, corruption and injustice. We interview them to learn firsthand what it means to endanger your life and the safety of loved ones in an uphill battle toward peace. By publishing their experiences as journalists and activists with raw emotion, we're able to help communicate to the world why it's critical to support these noble agents of change.

Art Under Dictatorship: An Interview with Bob Long
Posted on Wednesday May 03, 2017

Bob Long is a modern Spanish historian and an accomplished jazz pianist. He was interviewed for TBI’s Freedom of Expression blog as part of his guest editor series, which included last week’s post on Picasso’s Guernica. In this interview, accompanied by Continue reading

Cross-border Smart Growth: An Interview with Miguel Aguirre
Posted on Wednesday January 25, 2017

Miguel Aguirre is a member of TBI’s advisory council and the guest editor of TBI’s Freedom of Expression Blog for the week of January 23-27, 2017. In our interview with him, he describes his thirty-plus years of experience on the Continue reading

“Formal Work in Mexico Doesn’t Pay”: An Interview with Journalist Sandra Rodríguez Nieto
Posted on Wednesday December 14, 2016

Journalist Sandra Rodríguez Nieto is one of Mexico’s most respected investigative reporters. Her 2012 book, The Story of Vicente, Who Murdered His Mother, His Father, and His Sister: Life and Death in Juárez (Verso), is a detailed study of the Continue reading

How to Face the Horror of Gender Violence: An Interview with Raquel Castro
Posted on Tuesday November 01, 2016

Raquel Castro is an author, screenwriter, professor and cultural promoter. In 2012, she won the Premiio de Literatura Juvenil Gran Angular and twice the Premio National de Periodismo for her work on the Diálogos de confianza team for OnceTV. She Continue reading

TBI Interviews: Dana Velasco Murillo
Posted on Tuesday October 11, 2016

Marking the week of Columbus Day, TBI interviewed Freedom of Expression Blog guest editor and accomplished historian Dana Velasco Murillo about her research on native people in colonial Mexico and about how different historical approaches can fundamentally shape and reshape Continue reading

The Ironies of Iguala: an Interview with John Gibler
Posted on Friday September 23, 2016

More than just about any other reporter, John Gibler has fully committed to telling the story of the 43 disappeared students from the Ayotzinapa teachers college, and telling it from the perspective of those who survived the attacks on the Continue reading

San Diego, Border Communities, and Militarization: An Interview with Pedro Rios
Posted on Monday September 19, 2016

  Pedro Rios is the director of the American Friends Service Committee’s U.S./Mexico Border Program and has been on staff with AFSC for 13 years. He is on the board  of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium, a coalition of over Continue reading

TBI Interviews: David Maung on the Power of Images
Posted on Friday January 08, 2016

Recently, TBI Program Officer Martha Garcia was able to catch up to Tijuana-based photographer David Maung to talk to him a bit about his work. Originally from the Bay area in Northern California, Maung is a veteran photojournalist with 29 Continue reading

TBI Interviews: Oscar Martínez, AVC Noticias
Posted on Wednesday October 28, 2015

In October, TBI Program Officer Michael Lettieri interviewed Oscar Martínez, a photo editor and photographer with AVC Noticias, a news agency in Veracruz about what it is like to work as a photojournalist in that state. Martínez was a friend Continue reading

TBI Interviews: Norma Trujillo, La Jornada de Veracruz
Posted on Thursday October 15, 2015

In late September, TBI Program Officer Michael Lettieri interviewed Norma Trujillo, a reporter working in Veracruz, principally for La Jornada de Veracruz, about the conditions in the state. Veracruz is probably the most dangerous place in Mexico for journalists, making Continue reading