Academic Opportunities

Get in the know.

From faculty fellows to student internships, the Trans-Border Institute is furthering education through our outreach projects, educational salons and field-based learning. Whether you're looking for a one-hour brainstorming session on issues facing the border, or a semester-long immersion at the border, our academic opportunities serve a range of needs for students and faculty alike.

In July 2017, we launched the Trans-Border Opportunities Certificate. Designed to help working professionals, students and aspiring civic leaders gain the knowledge and tools they need to engage with the border region, the program reveals that the border region has far more possibilities for solidarity, shared growth, and partnership than the headlines would have you believe. Tapping TBI’s network and expertise, the certificate will not only give participants hard facts and reliable data about the border, but also allow them to interact with leading regional policymakers, stakeholders, and experts who provide firsthand testimony about those opportunities.

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