Trans-Border Institute

Building bridges across borders.

The border is more than political discourse or a convergence of problems. For millions of people, it's home. The Trans-Border Institute restores humanity to debates about migration, drug trafficking and corruption by considering "the other" on both sides. Because at TBI, we see the border as an opportunity, not a crisis.

We invite partners from both Mexico and the United States to address issues of systemic violence through applied learning and public outreach. That means working with local journalists to bring the most compelling stories of tragedy and triumph in Mexico to a broader audience, then testifying in courts across the United States to set the story straight and help save someone's life. It means reimagining borders through photo-documentary and spoken-word projects, and leading interactive peacebuilding seminars in Sinaloa and Baja California. We can do this, in part, because of our close proximity to the busiest international border crossing in the world. No other U.S. school of peace studies has a front seat to the frontlines of conflict.

A practice-based learning approach means we provide a chance for peacebuilders from different backgrounds to create alternatives to militarization. We serve as a think-do-tank, meaning our program provides direction for policy and opinion makers from Baja to San Diego to Washington D.C. We are a unique source of unbiased information, thoughtful analysis and hands-on research. By publishing and spreading our findings with a broad audience in mind, we make it easier for the public to understand, empathize and support TBI's mission to break down barriers at the U.S.-Mexican border, in Central America and beyond.

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