WorldLink Leadership

Change Starts with Individuals.

It is powered by their passion and sense of purpose.

We believe that in every sector of society the real work of change gets done through networks and teams of individuals with differing points of view, engaged in sustained dialogue. The WorldLink: Leadership experience is a unique opportunity for a select group of ardent change leaders from diverse backgrounds and communities to share a transformational experience that will sustain their personal mission and enable them to create a lasting impact.

LOCAL CHANGEMAKERS: Successful leaders working toward solutions to social problems - from combating human trafficking to using social innovation to build sustainable enterprises. GLOBAL PEACEMAKERS: Courageous young leaders from conflict zones who work to end cycles of violence, build prosperous organizations and secure societies. PRIVATE SECTOR LEADERS: Exceptional high-potential leaders from leading companies that have social responsibility as a key aspect of their mission.

The WorldLink: Leadership Experience

  1. A learning cohort comprised of global peacemakers, social changemakers and private sector leaders.
    A rare opportunity for leaders in the private and public sectors to learn together and share the wisdom and expertise of fellow high potential leaders.

  2. An inspired team of facilitators and thought leaders.
    The WorldLink: Leadership development experience will be facilitated by acclaimed faculty from across the globe, by the exceptional faculty from the University of San Diego and its institute for Peace and Justice and by world-class executive coaches.

  3. An individual change project.
    Each participant will identify a significant change project that requires bold leadership, and by stepping up to the challenge, they in turn will accelerate their development. One-on-one and peer-to-peer coaching will support each leader's approach to their project, and the diversity of the projects will drive awareness and learning across the full cohort.

  4. An immersion experience in Colombia.
    Participants will learn from leaders who have faced daunting challenges and found innovative, powerful ways to solve them and transform their organizations. Experience and better understand the kind of leadership needed to solve complex organizational or societal problems.

  5. The WorldLink: Leadership learning hub.
    An online community built to provide an effective, efficient way to connect and support participants throughout the experience. The hub will aid in applying/tracking their key action plans, facilitate ongoing sharing, networking, coaching and mentoring; before, between and after the program.

Pre-program and Orientation
Online Hub

Establish participant connections through dialogue (via online learning hub)
Identify individual leadership projects with significant potential impact on their organization

Residency 1 (1 week)
Institute for Peace and Justice
Kroc School
University of San Diego, California, U.S.

Unite as a learning community.

Facilitated sessions will focus on:

  • Identifying a clear mission and strategy for change
  • Harnessing the strength of our diversity and the power of our individual stories
  • Self-awareness. Knowing and leveraging your leadership style
  • Building stakeholder support for change
  • Technology and its role in disruptive social change

Local Expeditions: Visit local organizations to learn about successful change efforts.

Leadership Project: Peer-to-peer coaching and action planning

Intercession Application of Insights and Project Implementation (3 months)
Participants' locations and online

Apply acquired knowledge to your sphere of influence
Peer-to-peer support and mentoring form our learning community
One-on-one coaching

Residency 2 (1 week)
Bogotaá, Colombia

Reunite as a learning community and strengthen our bond.

Facilitated sessions will focus on:

  • Thriving in ambiguity and uncertainty in complex environments
  • Confronting ethical challenges
  • Building a team for sustainable impact
  • Power through leadership presence

Local expeditions: Lessons from Colombia's transformation
Leadership Project: Sharing results and next steps
Peer-to-peer coaching and support

Helping Leaders Sustain Commitments
Participants' locations and online hub

Ongoing learning and support
90-day coaching check-in

For more information or to nominate a participant, please contact Tina Medina at or (619) 260-7568