Women PeaceMaker Narratives

Changing the narrative about peace and conflict.

The power of a person's story passed down between communities and for generations is immeasurable. But to capture the essence of a person, their complexities, their realities takes time, patience and reflection. It's a process the Institute for Peace and Justice believes will help us better understand the innovative ways women construct peace in the midst of and after violence and war. To achieve peace with justice, the voices of women — those severely affected by violent conflict and struggling courageously and creatively to build community from the devastation — must be recorded and shared.

Here, you will find narrative stories, along with additional information to provide a deep understanding of the conflict and one person's journey within it. These complementary components include a:

  • brief biography of the peacemaker.
  • historical summary of the conflict.
  • timeline integrating political developments in the country with personal history of the peacemaker.
  • question-and-answer transcript of select interviews.
  • table of best practices in peacebuilding as demonstrated and reflected on by the peacemaker during their time at the institute.

Please note, narratives produced between 2003 and 2007 do not contain these complementary components.