Women Waging Peace

About our Women Waging Peace Network: The Women Waging Peace (WWP) is housed at the Kroc School's Institute for Peace and Justice, an institute that lives and breathes the culture of changemaking at the University of San Diego. 

It is the breadth of the Network that makes it powerful, and also it's the depth. Since its inception in 1998, each woman has been hand selected to be part of the one-of-a-kind global network that is working to end cycles of violence. below are just three examples of the many hundreds of the preeminent WWP network members. 


1,000+ Women Strong


In 56 Countries


Covering 30+ Areas of Peacebuilding Expertise

Meet our 1000+ Women Waging Peace Members

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Liberia) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Liberia)

was the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winner and was the first democratically elected female president of Liberia.

Edita Tahiri (Republic of Kosovo) Edita Tahiri (Republic of Kosovo)

Edita Tahiri is a leader of the independence of Kosovo, the former deputy prime minister and peace negotiator. She was Minister for Dialogue and Chief negotiator of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo

Miriam Ferrer (Philippines)

led the Philippine government’s team in peace negotiations with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. She was also the first, and remains the only, woman chief negotiator in history to sign a major peace accord.

Innovative Practice & Changemaking Initiatives

WWP Member 

Women Waging Peace Annual Grant Projects


Each year Kroc IPJ grants out up to five grants to its WWP members. Understanding the unique peacebuilding realities, these women are navigating the Kroc IPJ’s grants program provides flexible adaptive and non-restricted funding to its members. Learn about the wonderful peacebuilding work of our recent grant recipients and the impact they are making on their communities.

West Point Cadet 

West Point Academy x Women Waging Peace Partnership

Each summer West Point cadets do an internship with Kroc IPJ’s Women Waging Peace members. The purpose of this program is to provide cadets with opportunities to work with local women leaders in post-conflict societies on a variety of projects including conflict resolution, peacekeeping, humanitarian aid, political and economic development, as well as other areas.

 West Point Cadet

Learning From & With Women in Track 1 Peace Processes

The Kroc IPJ, the Center for Security Studies (CSS), the Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA) and the European Institute of Peace (EIP) have initiated a practice-based research project, working to enhance the understanding of the important roles women negotiators and mediators play in track 1 peace processes.

 wwp security

Protecting Women Peacebuilders Online

Tech For Good, NortonLifeLock’s newest Corporate Responsibility initiative, focuses on using its products and expertise to support vulnerable people. At the Kroc IPJ, we've partnered with NortonLifeLock and Tech For Good to help protect women peacebuilders with cyber safety training and software donations.


Women Waging Peace Action Communities

WPACs develop real-time peacebuilding solutions that address their communities’ needs. Through these women’s local legitimacy they are able to build peace in areas that many international organizations struggle to access and successfully impact. The Kroc IPJ works alongside these WWPAC as a learning partner to capture key insights and share them out with a broader audience. 

WWP Next Gen Members

Women Waging Peace Next Gen: Intergenerational Partnerships

In 2019 the Kroc IPJ announced its commitment to amplifying the next generation of women peacebuilders by launching the WWP Next Generation Initiative (Next-Gen). This new stream of work amplifies young women peacebuilders by fostering intergenerational partnerships between new youth and existing senior WWP members. With the support of the Kroc IPJ, these partnerships drive forward local peacebuilding projects.


The Journey Doesn't End There...