Women Waging Peace

The Women Waging Peace Network at the Kroc IPJ is a network of more than 1,000 women peacemakers from around the world. It identifies just a fraction of the women who could be called upon to serve as negotiators, experts, advocates, policymakers, and in so many other roles needed in peace processes.

Ambassador Swanee Hunt founded the Women Waging Peace Network as part of her nonprofit organization, Inclusive Security, to reinvent the way decisions are made about war and peace.

The Network now resides at the Kroc IPJ, as Inclusive Security continues to pursue strategies for global advocacy to ensure women inform and influence U.S. and international policy agendas on women, peace and security.

The Kroc IPJ provides opportunities to foster learning and connect members meaningfully within the Network, and integrate their leadership models and strategies into Kroc IPJ’s learning and practice.

To search for a peacemaker from a specific country, or discover and learn from a member of the Network — leaders in peacemaking and human rights who are government officials, representatives of nongovernmental organizations and civil society movements, scholars and educators, businesspeople, and journalists — see our database below.

Women Waging Peace