Nepali Emerging Leaders Program

Driving Community Solutions Through Government Engagement

Across Nepal, younger generations have the drive, creativity and the mindset to lead positive change for the country and their communities. However, government institutions and civil society organizations, dominated by older generations, control the levers of power, policy-making, and resource allocation. Lacking the knowledge and skills to engage these actors and the connections for doing so, emerging leaders feel frustrated and disengage from the political process or see violence are their only option for getting their concerns heard.

The Kroc IPJ’s Nepali Emerging Leaders Program (NELP) creates cohorts of emerging leaders who are disrupting cycles of conflict and violence by constructively engaging government actors and institutions to address community and youth concerns.

Working with its Kathmandu-based partner, the Leadership Academy, the Kroc IPJ is strengthening the work of these emerging leaders and creating more robust connections between communities, especially the youth, and the government institutions designed to serve them. By fostering diverse cohorts whose membership cuts across geographic, ethnic, gender, and political lines, program participants collaborate with one another to more effectively advocate for increased decision-making power to address community needs.

Throughout the 12-month project, participants build leadership skills, develop concrete plans to create change in their communities, and receive mentoring from senior-level leaders from the government, business, and civil society sectors, thereby creating an intergenerational cohort of established and emerging leaders committed to peace.
Knowledge and Skills 4 in-person training seminars Mentorship 20+ leaders from across fields Support 24-7 media, PR, law, and security guidance A Diverse Cohort of Powerful, Effective Emerging Leaders

Kroc IPJ Accomplishments in Nepal

Since the Institute’s founding in 2001, the Kroc IPJ has been working with the people of Nepal. In that time, the Institute has conducted more than 35 visits to the country and has hosted more than 100 trainings, workshops, roundtable discussions, and community dialogues. It is the Kroc IPJ’s deep commitment to Nepal and its strong relationships there that makes the Nepali Emerging Leaders Program possible.

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Daniel Orth

Begin quote Real leadership lacks in our country because no such kind of program [as NELP] existed in the country when I started my political career. Had it been there, it would have been very beneficial. – Former Prime Minister of Nepal Lokendra B. Chand