Peace Research

Extending the knowledge.

To further the pursuit of learning and growing, our faculty members at the Kroc School have active research agendas on a variety of issues related to peacebuilding, human rights, development and conflict resolution. From human trafficking to small arms research to drones for good, the greater the knowledge the better the chance for change.

Alongside peace research initiated by our faculty is the research happening at our institutes and centers. By reporting on those impacted by the refugee crisis across the border, digging deep into issues of extremism, documenting stories of gendered peacebuilding, or highlighting how social innovation can make an impact in situations of conflict, the Kroc School is helping students understand the problems so they can prepare to take action.

Professor Ami Carpenter Human Trafficking Study Explore Professor Ami Carpenter's groundbreaking study on human trafficking in San Diego.
Professor Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick Drones for Good Professor Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick and his MA in Peace and Justice students conducted in-depth research looking at the different uses for drones around the world.
Professor Topher McDougal Social Innovation and Peace Professor Topher McDougal's study shows that the synergy between self-identifying peacebuilders and social innovators is of statistical value.
What Slaveholders Think What Slaveholders Think Professor Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick's book, What Slaveholders Think, sheds light on how slaveholders rationalize what they do.
Gun statue Small Firearms Professor Topher McDougal believes understanding more about illegal small firearms and ammunition is a necessary first step in reducing the deadly toll of gun violence.