Faculty and Research

Leading tomorrow's changemakers, today.

Our faculty step beyond the classroom to deliver diverse experiences that guide students in developing, testing and refining responses to real-world problems. They research and publish to turn good ideas into actual, sustainable change. Their work advances deeper thinking on the immediate issues of our time — from nearby trans-border conflict, to human trafficking, to religious extremism.

Beyond their practical experience in the field and extensive knowledge on issues impacting peace and justice, our faculty care deeply about the success of their students. We see this play out on campus through mentoring sessions, collaboration on research projects and connecting students with external organizations and opportunities to extend their learning. And we see faculty go beyond our walls and across the border with students to learn first-hand about the issues facing conflict-ridden or fragile communities — issues like transitional justice and gang violence. Small classes encourage personal relationships where students and faculty can problem-solve and work together for a better world.

Peruse recent issues of Kroc Peace Magazine. The articles written by our school’s faculty and staff reveal what we have been doing and discovering, even when our work might have started years ago. The stories convey the broad spectrum of areas in which we lead change.

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