Why Choose the Kroc School

Finding your fit.

Our Master’s degrees in Peace and Justice, Social Innovation, Conflict Management and Resolution, as well as Peace and Law, prepare students for a wide variety of career paths — in non-governmental organizations and nonprofit organizations, businesses, foundations and government. Our graduates are social innovators, inspired researchers, and moral imagineers shaping peaceful and just societies.

dalai lama

We are a global hub

The world convenes here. Expand your mind through the diverse viewpoints of classmates from communities that span the world. We provide opportunities to learn from leading peacebuilders and changemakers like His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee, President Jimmy Carter and U.N. Messenger of Peace, Jane Goodall.

Cindi in Nyanga

We are courageous doers

Here, you'll experience the collective power of dynamic faculty and peers who have the courage to face difficult and complex realities. Our faculty members write outstanding books and papers, and they do so immersed in the realities of communities experiencing violent conflict, injustice, poverty and inequality. You have access to learn from their deep knowledge gained from time on the ground, listening to the people and seeking out global perspectives.

Field Classes

We innovate to foster peace and justice

The world will not experience greater peace and justice by doing more of the same. That is why we teach to understand the fractures and tensions in our world from various points of view. We train to look through impossibilities with creative thinking that leads to more effective solutions. Building peace and justice requires imagination. It requires you to roll up your sleeves and take action. It involves sacrifice and hard work, but the outcome is worth the toil. We have taken bold action from the beginning, as the nation's first stand-alone school focused on peace and justice. We believe innovation in thinking and action is central to building a better world.

field classes

We further peace and justice through research

Through the Kroc School's Institutes and Centers, you will expand not only your mind but also your connection to humanity. The Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice is the bridge between learning and practice within the Kroc School, driving forward its mission to create engaged, applied learning for positive social impact locally and globally. The Center for Peace and Commerce, the nation's only partnership between a business school and a peace school, inspires the next generation of social entrepreneurs and encourages students to develop and exercise innovative approaches for making a positive impact through sustainable business.

student making a peace sign with children

We combine theory and practice

At the Kroc School, you will take your learning beyond the classroom. From a living lab at the U.S./Mexico border, to intimate talks with peace practitioners and progressive social entrepreneurs, you will learn to contribute to change with a deeper understanding of the complexities that hinder growth, stability and justice. We aim to equip our students with the skills and professional growth they need for a successful career in peace and justice by providing experiential learning inside and outside of the classroom.