Kroc Connect

Connect with peacebuilding leaders to realize your professional path.

Incredible networking opportunities provided by the Kroc School and USD to empower you to succeed in your career path.

How does it work?


Step 1

Review the Kroc Connect Path opportunities below.


Step 2

Select activities from the Kroc connect path according to your interests.


Step 3

Participate in 2 green career opportunities and 2 blue ticket events each semester.

graduation cap

Step 4

Complete your Kroc Connect and academic requirements and you are ready to graduate

Kroc Connect Path:

The gold star symbolizes additional learning opportunities that are encouraged but not required.

  • Learn from experts and practitioners at the distinguished lecture series, USD and Kroc school Presentations.

  • Meet alumni and current students from across USD and expand your network.

  • Attend USD and Kroc School specialized career workshops.

  • Learn about potential fields of interests and USD career panels.

  • Plan an event with your cohort. Collaborate with faculty.

  • Connect with Peacebuilders. Listen to the stories of the Women PeaceMakers, visiting scholars and panelists.

  • Volunteer for student leadership in USD organizations, at events and in the community.

  • Get your resume and elevator pitch ready for internship and career fairs.


Becoming a peacebuilder and changemaker requires more than attending classes. It involves networking and engaging with a wide range of leaders and communities inside and outside of the classroom. We gave you the tools to succeed and you took advantage of them! You are now well prepared to pursue the career path that you have always dreamed of.