Global and Experiential Learning

Get a glimpse into what experiential learning looks like with the Kroc School. The field courses listed on this page are examples of the types of opportunities we offer.


During spring break of 2018, students conducted program monitoring and evaluation with our partners in Haiti. MA in Peace and Justice student Vida Chechman shares how her journey has shaped her future as a peacebuilder.

Colombia Post-Conflict Peacebuilding An Unfolding Case Study in Colombia
This course aims to illuminate the challenges and dilemmas as well as strategies for peacebuilding by examining Colombia, which is on the verge of a major breakthrough in its peace process. 
Haiti International Field-Based Course An Unfolding Case Study in Haiti

Students will venture to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where they will learn about the rich local history and context while experiencing the complexities of delivering a quality product to clients under various sets of constraints.

Mexico The Border, Peacebuilding and Human Rights San Diego Field-Based Course Working with the Trans-Border Institute, students in this course will examine the most pressing challenges facing the border region through the lenses of human rights, peacebuilding and citizenship.
Rwanda Social Innovation and Social Change The Rwanda Experience Explore social innovation and social change through the economic transformation of post-genocide Rwanda. Rwanda is a beautiful and energetic country, and this course is designed to highlight its dynamism and growth.