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Leading social change is hard work that requires innovative vision backed by leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Students pursuing a Master of Arts in Social Innovation (MASI) look critically at the roots of social challenges and injustice, and then seek to create real change through bold new responses to poverty, inequality, human rights abuses and humanitarian crises. The Master's in Social Innovation degree is unlike any other in that it starts by diving deep into real social challenges, then pairs that knowledge with critical thinking, inventiveness, leadership and sustainable business design.

MASI teaches you to look at problems in fresh ways and transform ideas into successful projects with scalable impact. Whether it's new financial services for women coffee growers and roasters in Colombia, or a food share app for a non-profit food recovery program in the U.S., you'll have a unique opportunity to apply systemic responses to challenges so that peace and social justice are synonymous with prosperity.

Social Entrepreneurs' Dreams Start Here Play Video
Social Entrepreneurs' Dreams Start Here
The Master's in Social Innovation equips and empowers students to advance as social entrepreneurs and social intrapreneurs. Learn how one alumna, Bianca Alvarado, gained the knowledge, skills, and experience to grow her young social venture, Baja Urban.

Our program is for people thinking beyond the status quo of social problems who are ready to take on challenges that seem unsolvable. It is a program for progressive innovators ready to succeed in any sector or organizational setting. It is for those focused on career paths where creating social change is not an afterthought—but inherent to everyday thinking.

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The Outcome

Social innovation is more than a trend. It is increasingly essential to employers across all sectors, including business, health and education. Our students learn how to combine leadership, peacebuilding and business skills into a holistic approach that works toward innovative solutions for good. You'll learn to contextualize social issues from a variety of perspectives including cultural, political and socio-economic variables, and to use the knowledge to formulate an action plan to meet emerging challenges such as refugee and migration flows, environmental degradation and humanitarian crises.

With a MASI degree, you'll become proficient in sustainable business model design, leadership, communication, human-centered design and problem solving, increasing your potential to develop innovations that will help communities to address poverty and social injustices.

Spotting need for change isn't hard. Perhaps the biggest challenge is narrowing down your area of focus. From microcredit to charter schools, hospices to fair trade, restorative justice to clean energy, the opportunities to apply your learning are endless.


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