Careers in Peace and Justice

Effective peacebuilders challenge the status quo. Master of Arts in Peace and Justice (MAPJ) students see opportunities and connect dots where others don't. Below are just a few examples of what careers in Peace and Justice can look like.

Where Peacebuilders Work

MAPJ graduates apply their expertise around the country and around the globe, through work in both the public and private sector, intergovernmental organizations and nonprofits. Learn more about where Kroc peacebulders are on the Kroc Outcomes page.

In the Field

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Community Outreach
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Refugee Support

In Organizations

  • Design and Development
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Fundraising

In Policy

  • Policy Advising
  • Advocacy and Research
  • Political Affairs
  • Human Rights Law

What Peacebuilders Are Doing

MAPJ graduates do not just focus on symptoms, they address underlying causes. They are advocates, diplomats, humanitarians, grant writers and project managers—all working toward positive change. Learn more about MAPJ graduates on our alumni webpage.

Fetol Siakor ‘16 (MA)

Chief Investigator, Independent National Commission on Human Rights of Liberia

Fetol developed an interest in peace and justice studies while volunteering with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, where he gained knowledge about human rights and conflict resolution, and employed comparative analysis and approaches to finding practical solutions to crises in Africa. As a judicial officer and women's protection officer responsible for human rights and ensuring accountability, Fetol's professional experience exposed him to cases of gross human rights violations and injustice, and gave him insight into practical ways of solving such cases.

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A woman stands in front of the United Nations flag

Eleonora-Markella​ ​Mantika ‘06 (MA)

Political Affairs Officer, United Nations Verification Mission to Colombia

Since 2016, Eleonora-Markella has been working on the Colombian peace process as the political affairs/liaison officer with the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia, in which she monitored the cessation of bilateral hostilities between the government and the FARC-EP guerrilla and the laydown of arms. She is verifying the implementation of the peace agreement through the socioeconomic and political reincorporation of the FARC. She has extensive experience in the field of democratic governance, mine action and rule of law, and security institutions.

Kate Lee ‘17 (MA)

Monitoring and Evaluation/Program Officer, Population Services International Central Asia

Kate, a Fulbright Scholar, is a Monitoring and Evaluation Program Officer at PSI/Central Asia, which is the lead contractor for the "USAID Central Asia Flagship HIV Activity."  She oversees the quality control of data for indicators such as testing and treatment for people who live with HIV in Kazakhstan. Recently Kate partnered with the British Council and Chevron to create children’s books that educate children on social issues like inclusion, gender equality and pollution. These books will soon be available in English on Amazon as well as in Russian and Kazakh languages at the local stores in Kazakhstan.

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Christina Burhans ‘14 (MA)

Supervising District Attorney Investigator

Christina is currently serving as a Supervising District Attorney Investigator in San Diego. Being a woman in a predominantly male profession, Christina attests that the Kroc School helped her develop a sense of finding a middle ground in the midst of conflict. Christina asserts that there need to be more people adequately trained in dealing with conflict in local, state and national governments. If more proactive training was provided, Christina believes that many problems that go unsolved would find solutions through compromise.

Ghulam Ishaq Hassan ‘10 (MA)

Child Protection Officer, UNICEF

Hassan is a trained lawyer and Child Protection Officer with UNICEF, working with children affected by armed conflict as mandated by the UN Security Council Resolution 1612 (Monitoring and Reporting on six grave child rights violations). Apart from this, he is also teaching international human rights law, public international law and international security subjects at a private university. Hassan believes that the lack of professional human rights workers has led to many of the abuses suffered by the Afghan population.

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Tina Medina ‘13 (MA)

Founder and Director, VIBE Movement

Tina spent 12 years as a teacher in Escondido, Calif., and developed a youth leadership program with the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice called the Social Fabric Initiative that was “for youth, by youth”. With a master's in peace and justice studies, Tina found her passions for education and peace align through restorative practices. She then returned to the classroom and created new campus-wide programs such as Unity Day — a restorative-based, non-academic school day focused on building relationships and a positive school culture. For her teaching and work promoting peace in schools, Medina was recognized as the 2016 Season for Non-violence Teacher of the Year.

Merlynn Yurika Watanabe ‘15 (MA)

Programs and Operations Manager, Think Dignity

Yurika works for Think Dignity, a San Diego-based homeless advocacy agency, as their Programs and Operations Manager. With the mission of advancing basic dignity for those experiencing homelessness, Yurika and her staff work with San Diego’s homeless population through community meetings and outreach to design and implement innovative programs that provide access to basic services, such as nutrition security and hygiene. In the past year, she has led the growth of the Fresh Start Showers and Street Café mobile programs, doubling their impact in the community. Yurika has identified and implemented strategies to support community engagement and education by establishing partnerships and volunteer opportunities with local non-profit agencies, businesses and schools. She has also developed multiple social media marketing and advocacy campaigns to increase awareness and education on the realities and criminalization of homelessness.

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