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Your Motivation

Many people want to change the world. But drive alone is not enough. At the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies, we merge theory and practice to give you conceptual insight and hands-on training so that passion for peace and justice transforms into visible change.

Our Master of Arts in Peace and Justice (MAPJ) prepares students from diverse backgrounds for careers ranging from conflict resolution and mediation to human rights, social entrepreneurship to education, development to advocacy. MAPJ students have undergraduate degrees in diverse fields such as political science, international relations, human rights, psychology, the arts or business administration.

We're looking for creative problem solvers and leaders who, with the right education and guidance, will advance peace and justice wherever they choose to work. Come join us.

Our Curriculum

The flexibility of our program accommodates a variety of student goals and schedules.

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The Outcome

People who pursue a MAPJ share a common interest in peace and social justice. But they come to us at different points in their lives and from different places. Some have just finished their undergraduate education. Others are seasoned professionals who want to further their ability to effect change in or beyond their field of expertise. Whatever the path, you'll graduate with a toolkit for promoting peace, an expanded mindset for overcoming injustice, and the knowledge and skills for making effective change.

After receiving her MAPJ in 2006, Markella-Eleonora Mantika took her interest in conflict resolution to the Dozo community in Korhogo, Northern Ivory Coast. There, she put her Kroc School education into practice working in the field to bring together diverse groups, sectors and approaches as a Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer for the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations. Together with the local population, and empowered with knowledge, Markella continues to seek peace with justice as she works toward solutions to solve or transform conflict.

While her story is impressive, every MAPJ student is accomplished. Here you will receive career guidance, counseling, participate in workshops and experiential learning opportunities at the US-Mexico border and abroad.

Get a glimpse into our current student's experiences from blog posts on their 2017 field-trip to Bogotá, Colombia.

Our graduates become teachers, CEOs, senior policy advisors, magistrate judges, foreign service officers, directors of development and international trade specialists. They work at the United Nations, One Earth Future Foundation, U.S. Department of Commerce, Catholic Relief Services, Nature Conservancy, the World Bank and U.S. Agency for International Development, among other private, public and nonprofit companies and organizations. They stand out for their capacity to analyze the root causes of violence, oppression and injustice, together with the appropriate peacebuilding strategies to address them.

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