Master of Science in Conflict Management and Resolution

Transform conflict into positive change.

Program Overview

Where many see conflict as a problem, at the Kroc School we consider it an inevitable part of the human experience and an opportunity to cultivate positive change.

The Master of Science in Conflict Management and Resolution (MS-CMR) provides early and mid-career professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage with conflict constructively. This interdisciplinary field of study fosters creative and effective approaches to navigating intra-societal conflicts we’re all experiencing at the individual, workplace, community, national and international levels. 

Through experiential learning and deep engagement in theory and practice, students gain skills in conflict analysis, intervention design, negotiation, mediation, facilitation and dialogue. 

Our past graduates have arrived at the Kroc School with backgrounds in a diverse range of fields including human resources, non-profits, engaged environmental protection, women’s rights, homelessness, juvenile justice system, immigration; public schools and government agencies; advocacy organizations; the military; the arts; media; science and education. This diversity of national, ethnic, and professional backgrounds among our students provides a range of perspectives, opens up new opportunities, encourages empathy, builds networks, and stimulates creative problem solving. 

Why Now?

As the world battles the pandemic, a severe economic crisis, intense political polarization, and a mediascape full of disinformation, intra-societal conflict inevitably surfaces in workplaces and communities. The MS-CMR degree will provide you with the skillset and analytical tools necessary to transform conflict into positive social change. 

The Outcome

You will return to your community and workplace equipped with the ability to constructively manage a wide range of conflicts; to establish policies and procedures that value the input of each employee helping them achieve self-actualization and uplifting the organization; to renegotiate unhealthy power dynamics and structures in order to strengthen a culture of collaboration; and to shape institutions that are less hierarchical, more effective, and that thrive on creativity and flexibility.

After graduation, many of our alumni have pursued new career paths after their education in conflict management and resolution, while others have returned to their original careers and applied their learning to advance the career trajectory they began with. 

As the world changes, a degree in conflict management and resolution is that critical step in becoming the adaptive, experienced, and highly-skilled professional that becomes increasingly invaluable in any workplace and beyond. Visit our careers page to learn more about where and how our graduates are applying their conflict expertise.

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