Peace Innovators

Creating a better world requires new ways of tackling old challenges. At Peace Innovators, USD's thought leaders share their stories about the impact they’re witnessing in the field, the insights they're gleaning, and their ideas for bringing us closer to solving the world's most important and difficult problems. 

Mark your calendars for the next Peace Innovators on February 27, 2020.

At the second annual Peace Innovators on March 14, 2019, the following six presenters shared their powerful stories and inspired the capacity audience in the Kroc School’s Theatre to heed Joan B. Kroc's words: "Don't just talk peace. Build peace."

Video recordings of their terrific presentations are below.

Meet the 2019 Peace Innovators

Peace Innovators. Save the Date. February 27, 2020
Maria Silva, Director, Neighborhood & Community Engaged Partnerships at the Mulvaney Center, Greg Prieto Assistant Professor, Sociology Play Video
UndocuAllies: Inclusion in an Age of Exclusion
In an era of profound political uncertainty for undocumented youth, institutions of higher education have a powerful role to play in providing support and inclusion. Watch here.
Professor of Practice Michael Fryer Building Peace You May Never See We architect our buildings to last for generations, and we should do the same with our visions for peace.
Priya Kannan-Narashimhan, Associate Professor of Management and Faculty Director of Torero Ventures Play Video
Innovate With Compassion
What can we do to include the lens of compassion when we think of innovations in business? Watch here
Andrew Blum, Executive Director, Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, Professor of Practice Play Video
The Facts of Change
In an allegedly post-truth world, what role do facts have in creating change? Watch here.
Gordon Hoople, Assistant Professor, Integrated Engineering Play Video
Social + Technical = Peace
To promote peace, we must take a holistic approach which recognizes that social and technical are inextricably linked. Watch here.

We look forward to seeing you on February 27, 2020 at the next Peace Innovators! In the meantime, there are many more opportunities to learn and get involved at the Kroc School. 

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View the full presentation:

Peace at the University

Patricia Márquez

Dean, Kroc School of Peace Studies

Patricia Márquez speaks on peace education and its importance as an academic school in order to help all of us to better co-exist with an ever-rising population.

Learning With…

Andrew Blum

Executive Director, Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice

Andy Blum shares how communities and countries can combine their resources and expertise to work together and help diffuse societal ills such as violence, hunger, poverty and more.

It's Time for Politicians to be Better Followers

Jennifer Freeman

Associate Director for the PeaceMakers Programs

Jennifer Freeman shares when and how changemaking leadership emerges. When our world faces significant global challenges, we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Transcending the Border with Anchors, Not Parachutes

Everard Meade

Director, Trans-Border Institute

Ev Meade explores how universities can help to build peace in places beset by violence and shrouded in fear, only if we learn to see ourselves as anchors, rather than parachutes.

Why Drones Need Our Better Angels

Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick

Assistant Professor

Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick discusses the rise in the popularity of drones, but with a plea for their use and effectiveness to be done so with the best of intentions.

Resisting the New Tribalism

Necla Tschirgi

Associate Dean and Distinguished Professor

Necla Tschirgi video

Necla Tschirgi pleas for a pluralistic world where 7.6 billion people need to find ways to co-exist peacefully without reverting back to the comfort of group identity and the security of the tribe — whether based on religion, language, ethnicity, nationality or class.

Education with a Purpose

Amit Kakkad

Director of USD's Center for Peace and Commerce

Amit Kakkad examines how universities can be instrumental in our quest to find lasting solutions to the most chronic social and environmental challenges faced by humanity.

Spirituality for the Peacebuilder

Bill Headley

Professor and Kroc School Founding Dean

Bill Headley draws on work with a relief and development agency during the 2004 Asiatic Tsunami. He speaks of a need for spirituality in peacebuilding during violent and traumatic situations.

Saying Yes to the Life You Never Thought Possible

Karen Henken

Professor of Practice

Karen Henken shares how to embrace unexpected opportunities and the twists and turns that led her to create the career and life she never imagined.

Fear, Conflict, and the Power of Non-Defensiveness

Ami Carpenter

Associate Professor

Ami Caprenter shares stories of how ordinary people stood their ground against armed groups from Baghdad to San Diego, and why they succeeded.

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At the next Peace Innovators event on February 27, 2020, USD thought leaders will once again share their perspectives on peace and how each of us can achieve it more effectively, locally and internationally.

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