Our History

A visionary for peace.

As a peacemaker and philanthropist, Joan B. Kroc recognized that the strength and spirit of the University of San Diego provided an extraordinary foundation for building a school where scholars and practitioners could advance the work of peace and justice. Responding to the opportunity to expand and fulfill its mission, the University developed a plan for an innovative institute to advance peace in the world and a graduate program in a spirit of commitment to Mrs. Kroc's dream of making peace.

Beginning in 1998 and until her death in 2003, Mrs. Kroc's endowments funded our facility, established the Institute for Peace and Justice, and developed the faculty, curriculum and programs that would become the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies. Beyond her vast financial contribution, Joan Kroc was dedicated to making this world a more peaceful place. She believed that through education, people could learn to resolve differences peacefully.

The University of San Diego, through the Kroc School, will keep her legacy alive by, in her words, "not only talking about peace, but making peace."

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