Women for Social Impact

It is empowering to connect with incredible women Changemakers like you.

As Women for Social Impact (WSI), we believe that unique experiences inspire big change.

We Are About...

  • Seeing possibilities where others don’t
  • Being a part of a community of women changemakers
  • Connecting with women who are also committed to creating change
  • Meeting women from social change circles beyond your own
  • Findings mentors; Being a mentor
  • Experiencing new ways of learning and connecting
  • Expanding your knowledge of yourself and others
  • Developing a new imagination for having social impact
  • Taking a moment out of your busy schedule for a little fun

We are multi everything: generational, sectors, perspectives, backgrounds, interests… WSI is open to all who want to connect with incredible women who are contributing to shape a better tomorrow and to participate in transformative experiences. You will learn and enjoy from hands-on sessions designed by you and other women leaders in social impact. There are no membership fees to belong this year!

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Upcoming Experiences

TBD Coming Soon


Unique experiences inspire big change. Join & connect to shape a better world. It requires a more caring and supporting community of women.