Parking Permit Price List

For information regarding the price of purchasing a parking permit, please click on the link below that best describes your status at USD:

Student Parking Permit Prices

Resident Students

  • Resident Student Annual - $290.00

    • Alcala Vista Apartments
    • Camino Hall
    • Founders Hall
    • University Terrace Apartments
    • Maher Hall
    • Valley Housing - Phase A and Phase B
    • Presidio Terrace Apartments
    • Manchester Village

UTA residents may purchase a permit that will allow them to park in WPS (West Parking Structure/Lot) or Valley housing parking area only. You will not be allowed to park in the UTA lot with this permit.

Commuter Students

  • Commuter Student Annual - $280.00
  • Commuter Students Semester - $140.00
  • Commuter Students Semester, Part-time - $70.00

To be eligible for part-time status, students must be registered for less than 12 units for undergraduates and JD, less than 9 units for graduate and LLM students. If you believe to be classified incorrectly, please contact the Registrar's office and bring documentation to the Parking Services’ office prior to purchasing your permit.

Fringe Permit

  • Fringe Permit Annual - $125.00

Fringe permits are not available to resident students.


  • Motorcycle Annual - $45.00

Employee Parking Permit Prices

Faculty / Staff / Administration

  • Faculty/Staff/Administration Reserved (7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) $660.00
  • Faculty/Staff/Administration Annual, Full-Time - $255.00
  • Faculty/Staff/Administration Semester, Part-time - $63.75

Benefit-based employees may only purchase annual permits. Additionally, only non-benefit based employees are eligible to purchase a part-time permit. Part-time status must be verified with Human Resources.

Fringe Permit

  • Fringe Permit Annual - $125.00


  • Motorcycle Annual - $45.00

Retired Permit

  • Retired Annual - $0.00

Guest Permit Prices

Visitor permits are $8.00/day or $40.00/week. Additionally, visitors may pay to park daily at any of the pay stations on campus. For more information about metered parking, please visit the Metered Parking Information Page