E-Permit Price List

For information regarding the price of purchasing an e-permit, please click on the link below that best describes your status at USD:

Student E-Permit Prices

Resident Students

  • Resident Student Annual - $290.00

    • Alcala Vista Apartments
    • University Terrace Apartments
    • Maher Hall
    • Valley Housing - Phase A and Phase B
    • Presidio Terrace Apartments
    • Manchester Village

UTA residents may purchase an e-permit that will allow them to park in WPS (West Parking Structure/Lot) or Valley housing parking area only. You will not be allowed to park in the UTA lot with this e-permit.

First-year resident students are not allowed to park on campus. First-year students who can provide
adequate evidence that not having a car on campus will result in a hardship can request a waiver by
submitting a First-Year Exception Request Form.

Commuter Students

  • Commuter Student Annual - $280.00
  • Commuter Students Semester - $140.00
  • Commuter Students Semester, Part-time - $70.00

To be eligible for part-time status, students must be registered for less than 12 units for undergraduates and JD, less than 9 units for graduate and LLM students. If you believe to be classified incorrectly, please contact the Registrar's office and bring documentation to the Parking Services’ office prior to purchasing your e-permit.


  • Fringe Annual - $125.00

Fringe e-permits are not available to resident students.


  • Motorcycle Annual - $45.00

Employee E-Permit Prices

Faculty / Staff / Administration

  • Faculty/Staff/Administration Reserved (7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) $660.00
  • Faculty/Staff/Administration Annual, Full-Time - $255.00
  • Faculty/Staff/Administration Semester, Part-time - $63.75

Benefit-based employees may only purchase annual e-permits. Additionally, only non-benefit based employees are eligible to purchase a part-time e-permit. Part-time status must be verified with Human Resources.


  • Fringe Annual - $125.00


  • Motorcycle Annual - $45.00

Retired Permit

  • Retired Annual - $0.00

Guest E-Permit Prices

Visitor e-permits are $8.00/day or $40.00/week. Additionally, visitors may pay to park daily at any of the pay stations on campus. For more information about metered parking, please visit the Metered Parking Information Page