Parking Information

Reserved Guest Parking

We are currently only accepting reservations for University Invited Guests. We are no longer accepting requests via Virtual EMS, all reservations must be requested through our Reserved Parking Space Request Form. All requests must be submitted at least three (3) business days in advance.

Please email any questions to

Carpool Parking Spaces

Carpool spaces are for commuter students or employees who travel to school with two or more people of legal driving age in the vehicle.

  • A carpool permit may be obtained daily from the Main or West Kiosk.
  • A carpool permit is required to park in these spaces between 7:00am-10:00am, Monday through Friday.
  • Carpool permits must be stamped with the current date.
  • Carpool permits must be used in conjunction with valid USD Commuter or Faculty/Staff permits. Fringe, Reserved or Resident permits are not valid for use in carpool spaces.

The West Kiosk issues carpool permits for:

  • G1 (KIPJ Garage-newly located on the bottom level)
  • G2 (Mother Rosalie Hill Hall)

The East Kiosk issues carpool permits for:

  • MPS (Main Parking Structure)
  • S9 (Saints West/Hughes East)

Click here for a map of carpool parking spaces. 

ADA Accessible Parking Spaces

Disabled spaces and access corridors are reserved for vehicles displaying a valid disabled placard/license plate issued by any official agency.

  • Any vehicle displaying a disabled placard must also have a valid USD e-permit Monday through Friday, between 7:00am - 7:00pm.
  • Any vehicle displaying a valid placard and any valid USD e-permit may park in white-lined, yellow-lined, USD tow away, or loading zone (time-restricted space) without being cited.
  • Any vehicle displaying a valid disabled placard/license plate must pay at a pay station when parking in any of the metered parking areas on campus.
  • A vehicle displaying a disabled placard/license plate is not permitted to park in any reserved space from 7:00am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday, or during the time indicated.
  • A vehicle with a valid USD e-permit and current disabled placard/license plate is not permitted to create their own parking space or park along a red curb or fire lane.
  • Temporary disabled placards (up to thirty days) are also issued through USD Parking Services and are available to individuals who present a verifiable note from a medical doctor specifically requesting special parking needs. A specific date range must be included in order for issuance. If a disabled permit is needed for a longer period of time, please use this thirty day period of time to obtain a placard from the DMV.
  • In compliance with the California Vehicle Code Section 22511.56, any Parking Services or Public Safety personnel may confiscate disabled placards/license plates that are being misused. For more information, please visit the DMV website for more information. Contact Parking Services if you believe your placard has been confiscated.

The USD Campus Map shows the locations of all disabled parking spaces on campus. Please visit the USD Campus Map page, select "Parking and Transportation" from the left navigation menu, and then check the box next to "ADA Accessible Parking." The map will then show all of the disabled spaces across campus. 

Electric Vehicle Spaces

EV charging spaces are available for faculty, staff, students and guests to charge their vehicles. There are blue signs to mark each charging space. Electric vehicle charging spaces are operated by The Blink Network. Click here for FAQs and instructions on how to use the Blink charging stations or visit

  • Non-electric vehicles or electric vehicles not actively charging will be cited.
  • Valid USD e-permits are required at all times in the EV spaces.

EV stations are located in MPS (Main Structure), G4 (Manchester Garage South), E10 (Alcala Vistas North) and G1 (Institute for Peace and Justice Garage). Please click here for a map of all available charging locations.

Motorcycle Parking Spaces

Specific parking spaces are designated for motorcycles, mopeds and scooters only. You must have a valid USD e-permit. Bicycles must park in bicycle racks only. All other vehicles parked in these spaces will be cited and/or towed. Please see this map for locations of motorcycle parking areas.

Alumni Parking

Loading Zones

Loading zone spaces are available around campus. These spaces are for loading/unloading only. All loading zones are designated for 15 minutes or less, unless otherwise marked. Vehicles may not re-park in the same loading zone to reset the vehicle’s time allotment.

Metered Parking Spaces

Metered spaces require payment between 7:00am and 7:00pm Monday through Friday.

The following areas require either a valid USD e-permit OR payment at a pay station:

  • MPS (Main Parking Structure)
  • WPS (West Parking Structure), W1 (West Parking Lot), W2 (Gravel Lot), and W3 (Alcala West North Lot)
  • E3 (Jenny Craig West Lot)
  • E6 (Manchester Field/Softball Field)

All employees, students, and visitors (including those with a valid USD e-permit) must pay at a pay station in the following locations: 

  • Torero Way
  • S10 (Saints South Lot)
  • E11 (Sports Center North Lot/Alcala Vistas)

Please visit the metered parking information page for more details.


  • Comment Card - If you have any feedback to provide to the Parking Services Office, please feel free to fill out a . Each submission will be reviewed and responded to within two business days.

Long Term and Overnight Parking

  • No person may sleep or stay overnight in any vehicle on the University of San Diego property.
  • Long term vehicle storage is not permitted on campus.  Vehicles left for more than 72 hours in one location (except resident students parked in residential areas) may be cited and are subject to relocation at the owner's expense.

Parking Citations and Fines

list of citations and fine amounts




No vehicle shall occupy an electric vehicle space, designated by a blue "EV" sign, while not actively charging their vehicle.



No vehicle shall park on the opposite side of the roadway facing oncoming traffic at anytime. C.V.C. 22502 (B).



No student, faculty, staff, guest or vendor shall park in any space marked "CARPOOL” from 7:00am-10:00am without a valid carpool permit. A valid USD parking permit is required in conjunction with the carpool permit.



All vehicles are required to have a valid USD Parking E-Permit Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00am - 7:00pm.



All USD time zone spaces are enforced 24 hours a day. No vehicle shall park in a designated space/area beyond the posted time zone restrictions.



Paid parking areas require payment Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7:00am - 7:00pm. Where required, faculty, staff, and students with a valid permit displayed must pay at a pay station.



No vehicle may occupy more than one parking space at any given time. All vehicles must be parked within the lines of a valid parking space at all times.



If the vehicle is displaying plates that belong to a different vehicle.



If the vehicle does not have any license plates on either back or front or if the licence plate is blocked by any device or apparatus but not including an ADA device.



No vehicle shall park in an area which is disallowed by their parking permit. Spaces are designated by the color of lines and/or signs at the entrance to the lot/area.



Vehicles in violation of any rule or regulation may be relocated (towed) to another area of campus.



If a vehicle has a license plate secured to either the front or rear bumper area and additional license plate is displayed on the dashboard or somewhere on the vehicle within clear view.



If the data system scans a vehicle and determines a permit is being shared between two (2) parties that are currently parked on campus at the same time.



No vehicle shall display a previously issued citation to deceive parking enforcement.



No student, faculty, staff, guest or vendors shall park in any space marked USD vehicle only. These spaces are enforced 24 hours, 7 days a week.



No vehicle may park in a space marked RESERVED from 7:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday except the registered owner of that space. The vehicle in the space must have a valid USD permit for that space. No vehicle may park in a space or area marked RESERVED by a cone or sign for the time listed on the cone or sign.



All vehicles must park within the lines of marked parking stalls. Vehicles shall not park in areas not designated for parking.



No vehicle shall park in any area where a curb is marked RED and/or FIRE LANE for any period of time. Vehicles parked in these areas are subject to tow. C.V.C. 22500.1



It is unlawful for any person to park or leave standing any vehicle in a stall or space designated for disabled persons and disabled veterans pursuant to Section 22511.7 or 22511.8, unless the vehicle displays either a special identification license plate issued pursuant to Section 5007 or a distinguishing placard issued pursuant to Section 22511.55 or 22511.59. C.V.C. 22507.8(A), in either of the following places:

(1) On the lines marking the boundaries of a parking stall or space designated for disabled persons or disabled veterans.

(2) In any area of the pavement adjacent to a parking stall or space designated for disabled persons or disabled veterans that is marked by crosshatched lines and is thereby designated, pursuant to any local ordinance, for the loading and unloading of vehicles parked in the stall or space. C.V.C. 22507.8(C)



*All asterisked violations are subject to impound or relocation.

Receipt of three or more citations for the same violation will result in an increased base amount for each subsequent citation received.

Please remember, citations fines not paid within 14 days will result in doubling of the original fine amount. If you are a student, the fine will be placed on your student account and can cause holds with registering for classes, graduating on time or receiving your diploma. Employees with outstanding citations will be unable to purchase a parking permit. The University also has the right to tow/impound any vehicle or revoke any permit not in compliance with university rules and regulations.