Alternative Transportation

Parking Services is committed to advancing USD's sustainability initiatives. 

Carpool Spaces

Carpool spaces are reserved from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, for vehicles displaying a valid carpool permit obtained from the East or West entrance kiosk. Carpool permits are distributed daily upon request, pending availability, to vehicles having two or more people of legal driving age (driver plus at least one passenger). Carpool permits are only available to vehicles with a valid e-permit for USD student or faculty/staff. Resident students may not use this permit.

The West Kiosk issues carpool permits for:

  • G1 (KIPJ Garage-newly located on the bottom level)
  • G2 (Mother Rosalie Hill Hall)

The East Kiosk issues carpool permits for:

  • MPS (Main Parking Structure)
  • S9 (Saints West/Hughes East)

Carpool spaces are identified with carpool signs placed in front of each space. Until 7:00 a.m. and after 10:00 a.m., these spaces are open to Reserved, Faculty/Staff and Student permit holders.

Fresh Air Permits

Fresh Air Permits are available at no charge to employees who typically use an alternate mode of transportation to commute to campus (e.g., ride a bike, take the trolley, carpool, etc.). Fresh Air Permits are valid only in MPS (Main Parking Structure) and WPS (West Parking Structure). Alternate form of transportation must be verified. The Parking Services Office issues Fresh Air Permits with a validation code on a per-semester basis, which allows parking up to 16 days per semester:

• Fall Semester: July 1 – January 3
• Spring Semester: January 4 – June 30

USD Tram Services

USD offers a free tram to all students, employees, and guests. During the regular semester, the tram runs Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7:00am - 11:00pm. The tram runs in circular loops around campus throughout the day and also offers service to and from Old Town Transit Center during the morning and afternoon/evening hours. For more information, please visit the Tram Information Page.

Torero Bike Library

USD now offers a free bike service called the Torero Bike Library. Bikes are only available to registered students and employees to use locally. Bicycle racks are also available in various locations across campus. Additionally, all USD trams are now equipped with bicycle racks as well. More information on the Torero Bike Library can be found here.


USD has partnered with Zipcar, a car-sharing program, to bring self-service, on-demand car sharing to campus. For more information and to sign up for ZipCar, please visit the ZipCar information page.

Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces

Electric vehicle charging spaces are available for faculty, staff, students and guests to charge their vehicles. Electric vehicle charging spaces are operated by The Blink Network. FAQs and instructions on how to use the Blink charging stations can be found on the Blink Information Page or by visiting the Blink Network. Valid USD permits are required at all times in the electric vehicle charging spaces. Charging stations are located in MPS (Main Parking Structure), G4 (Manchester Garage South), E10 (Alcala Vistas North Lot) and G1 (Institute for Peace and Justice Garage), which can all be seen on the Charging Station Map.

MTS Bus and Trolley Passes

Parking Services is happy to assist in offering discounted bus and trolley passes to the campus community. MTS passes can be purchased from the UC Ticket Office. For more information and pass prices, please visit the UC Ticket Office's Public Transportation information page. 

Additional Resources


USD has partnered with SANDAG to bring iCommute to students, faculty, and staff. This page will allow you to find other members of the USD community who may live in our area and be interested in commuting to campus together. Visit the iCommute page for additional information.

MTS Trolley

USD is located just up the hill from the Morena/Linda Vista Trolley stop on the MTS Trolley Green Line. The Old Town Transit Center is also close by, making our campus easy to access by public transportation. For more information, please visit the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System website.