Paralegal Program

Drop Shadow

Evening Business Practices

Available to both graduates and undergraduates*, this eleven month program is ideal for candidates who are working full time and are seeking a career change or advancement. The Business Practices Specialty provides a solid foundation of paralegal studies with added focus on the technical business practices and legal procedures of business entities.

Upcoming Dates
Fall 2015: September 8, 2015 - August 18, 2016
Spring 2016: January 26, 2016 - December 22, 2016
Legal Research 45 hours
Introduction to Business Entities 30 hours
Litigation & Remedies 45 hours
Corporations 33 hours
Administrative Law 33 hours
Contracts 33 hours
Intellectual/Real Property 33 hours
Employment/Labor Law 33 hours
Computers in the Legal Field 36 hours
Total Hours 321 hours


*Undergraduates enrolled in the evening programs are required to complete the following course in addition to those listed above:

Fundamental Legal Studies 54 hours

This course, which is designed to supplement the writing component of Legal Research, utilizes lectures, in-class assignments and “workshop” tutorials and discussions to strengthen students’ legal writing skills. There will also be a discussion of legal interviewing skills and how information obtained from client and witness interviews can be used as a building block for legal proceedings with consideration for ethical issues faced by paralegals.

USD's reputation was a factor I considered when enrolling in the program and undoubtedly a factor considered by prospective employers.  Even before finishing the program I received a promotion, followed by another upon program completion Sally C.