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Since 1977, the University of San Diego Paralegal Program has employed thousands of legal professionals. Employers seeking qualified candidates regularly contact us to receive the resumes of our graduates.

As a Legal Administrator when I need to hire a paralegal, graduates from USD immediately standout in my mind. This is certainly true when I review resumes. Education, possessing technical skills and being well-trained plays a major factor when considering candidates for a job. First, USD graduates are well trained and,

in my experience, once hired immediately contribute to the overall mission. Secondly, they posses a professional attitude and, for whatever reason, demonstrate great people skills. While observing USD students during their Paralegal Internship Program, the students have always exhibited an eagerness

to succeed while demonstrating determination and dedication. Over the past three years, the USD Paralegal Program and their graduates have made an extremely favorable impression on me; I contribute this to the professional training and education they receive at USD.

Donald A. Gressly, Legal Administrator
Law Offices of Campbell, Souhrada & Volk

USD Paralegal graduates are employed in San Diego County, in northern and southern California, and throughout the United States. Our working graduates, who are in diverse legal entities as well as geographic locations, provide the basis for an excellent networking system for future graduates.