What Participants are Saying


Here's what participants said about the Costa Rica Eco-Adventure trip:

About Hiking in the Jungle:

  • This was an EPIC ADVENTURE! Nothing like I had expected, but even BETTER! I’ve never felt so ‘alone’ in nature, so far from anything industrialized. It was quite the adrenaline rush to be out on your own, bushwacking and crawling your way miles and miles into the rainforest!
  • Amazing experience! The guides were very knowledgeable, and had great information about the plant and animal life. I definitely learned a lot.

About White Water Rafting the Pacuare River:

  • White water rafting might have been the highlight (along with hike in the rainforest) of the trip. The guides were amazing and the adventure aspect was perfect, especially for the people who hadn’t done it before!
  • The guides are the best! They provided good instruction and training prior to beginning our rafting trip and our group put that training to good use.

About Canyoning:

  • Canyoning was definitely a lot of fun! Could have been more intense, but the guides were the best part of it!

About the Overall Experience:

  • ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! It’s something I will never forget and i'll always cherish!
  • Everything about the Costa Rica trip went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you to everyone who was involved in making it a success!
  • I’m not exaggerating when I say it was one of the best experiences of my life!!! Loved it!
  • Such a fun experience. It was really life changing for me- something that I will remember forever.
  • Pura Vida! Run this program again and again and again! But in different locations, but keep the “extreme” and “Adventurous” nature of the trip.
  • Fulfilled all my expectations of adventure and fully experiencing Costa Rica.
  • The trip exceeded my expectations. Usually there is a lack of organization with large groups, but this trip had every detail planned out and we were able to get good information from the locals when needed. Serendipity also did a great job of exceeding expectations while we were with them. I never expected to have a Q & A with the local people at the Vereh river camp…. Outstanding experience!
  • It exceeded every expectation that I had by 110%.
  • Vastly exceeded my expectations. Best trip I’ve been on.

About the most valuable part of the trip:

  • Fully experiencing the “pura vida” lifestyle with all different Costa Ricans and being able to add my love of outdoors and adventure into it.
  • The thing that I will take from this trip with me forever is the bonds and friendships I have established and also the realization at how blessed my life is that came through learning about Costa Rican culture and interacting with the people.
  • The group bonding experience that took place as well as the diversity of activities.
  • I loved talking with the indigenous people and becoming aware to a new culture.
  • Meeting all the incredible people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.
  • The most valuable part was coming back and having a whole new set of friends that I shared such a wonderful experience with.
  • Being given so many opportunities to push myself. Packing everything we did into the week was crazy in a good way.
  • Being in the jungle away from “civilization.”
  • Bonding with group of students. Bonding with Costa Ricans.
  • The most valuable part was learning how far I was able to push myself and being able to experience what I had always dreamed of which was living in a beautiful rainforest.
  • The final meeting where we all got to be together at the hot springs is what taught me most about myself and what I took from Costa Rica. Mark did a great job settling us all down and really making us think about what we got out of our adventure-including the experiences, the friendships, and the aspects that changed our lives.

About Themselves:

  • I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. This trip was strenuous, tiring, and really made you work hard but without all of the challenges and people pushing me along, I would’ve never known I could do some of the things that I did.
  • When I say “I can’t” I really can and when I do, it is worth it.
  • I learned that I absolutely love conquering challenges and that I should allow myself to be more challenged in life.

About our USD group:

  • There are other people at USD that appreciate nature/ outdoors as much as I do.
  • The group could really come together for everyone else and even though we were all pretty different, it didn’t keep us apart, and might have even brought us closer together.
  • I learned that people can be from anywhere in the country and be going through hardships, yet still everyone can come together for a common cause.
  • Going into a vacation with 14 strangers is a difficult thing, but when it is with people like we had in our group, opening up and feeling comfortable isn’t a difficult thing to achieve.
  • The group is excellent and diverse.
  • I learned about everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. I learned how helpful everyone was and how willing everyone was to reach out and encourage others when something was challenging.
  • That I was really lucky to be a part of a group that worked so well together and was so well organized. I am really glad USD offered this trip!
  • That people bend over backwards to help strangers.
  • I learned so much about everyone and am lucky to have new friends.
  • We’re awesome!
  • That nothing draws people closer than tent camping. Our group is so in tune with one another and we have shared experiences with one another that no one else can truly relate to. It’s a beautiful family within itself that we can always retreat back to for support.