Love San Diego

"We go to school where you spring break!" If you have not already discovered for yourself, you will soon find that San Diego is a richly diverse city with year-round amazing outdoor opportunities.  While we are not able to offer in-person trips at the moment, we are committed to showing you our favorite places close to campus.  

San Diego and OA offers something for every body. There is so much to see and do and we can't wait to show off America's Finest City and provide you with some DIY tips for recreating responsibly.  Whether you want to hang out on the beach, surf, visit a farmer's market, chill in a park, snorkel in a kelp forest, dine outside, hike a mountain, SUP on the bay, bike the different neighborhoods, wander around Old Town, play with some dogs at a dog park, watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, go birding along the San Diego River, explore sea caves, make s'mores over a beach bonfire, run around Mission Bay or kayak the seven caves in La Jolla, San Diego has you covered.  

If you are new to San Diego or have lived here you entire life, these virtual tours are sure to inspire you to get outside.  If your arrival in San Diego has been delayed due to Covid-19, we hope to get you even more excited about the things to do once you are able to come to campus. 

Our Love San Diego virtual tour series will be a combination of Instagram stories along with choose your own adventure youtube videos.  We are excited to share them with you and while these tours will only scratch the surface of all of the amazing things to do around San Diego, our goal is to whet your appetite for years of future day trips around San Diego. Love your home "OA" from home!