Seven Caves of La Jolla

students kayaking through wave
Begin quote It was so much fun! Surfing a wave back to shore was by far my favorite part! – participant

Come join us to experience one of the best geological and ecological locations in San Diego. You can enjoy long stretches of aquamarine waves and the ancient sea-carved caves that are continuously being formed as the tides roll in and out each day! If the tides permit, we will even paddle inside these breath taking caverns. 

Enjoy views of the ocean water teeming with Garibaldi fish (California’s State Fish!), spotted Leopard Sharks, sun bathing sea lions and seals, sea birds and seagulls, and if you are lucky, maybe a dolphin or more!

No experience is required and we equip you with excellent gear and trained guides. Whether you have kayaked the seven seas or it is your first time, join us on the water for a paddling adventure through part of San Diego’s finest coastline that is ‘shore’ to please!

students sea kayaking

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