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Southern California offers some of the most spectacular coastal and ocean kayaking destinations in the country. Locally, La Jolla Shores is the location to kayak. Tour the Seven Caves and paddle through La Jolla’s Underwater Park where you can see seals, sea lions, dolphins and leopard sharks.  This is a truly memorable experience and one of the top outdoor activities to do in San Diego.

San Diego Bay and Mission Bay are two other wonderful bodies of water to paddle. Both offer a protected location for beginners to enjoy, but are large enough for a moderate workout for those that want to cover a few miles. Mission Bay is home to two species of birds, the Least Turn and Great Blue Heron- both can be seen nesting from the water. You may even be able to see Green Sea Turtles, found in South Bay during parts of the year.

Further North, the Channel Islands National Park (also know at the Galapagos of N. America) offers one of the top kayaking destinations in the world. Although it is one of the least visited national parks, the rugged islands, towering cliffs, remote beaches and large sea caves are a few of the appealing features. The reward of paddling here greatly outweighs the difficulty in getting there.

Spring 2018 Kayaking Trips

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