Outdoor Adventures has long been a hub for environmental activities on and off campus. Because we get outdoors early and often, we see first hand the consequences of our behaviors. Our “Leave no Trace” ethos also carries over into our daily operations. We do our best to buy locally, re-use and reduce.

Students, faculty and staff interested in collaborating on environmental issues are invited to join the Environmental Network, an open group for anyone interested in environmental activism. The group is meant to facilitate communication and greater collaboration between those working to promote environmental justice, achieve integration with nature, maintain a holistic lifestyle and interact with our global ecosystem in a sustainable way.

This group meets every Tuesday from 1:15 – 2:15 p.m. in the courtyard behind the University Center (outside of the One-Stop Shop). Group members consist of Students, Faculty and Administrators from a variety of offices across campus including (but not limited to) the offices of SustainabilityResidential Life and Outdoor Adventures.