Guide Training: Sespe Wilderness

sespe wilderness

Extended Guide Training in January 2015 will take you backpacking in the Sespe Wilderness with the possibility to soak in hot springs along our journey. We will begin the training at OA where we will review our itinerary, gear and food before heading towards Ventura. Just north of Ojai we will begin our trek exploring what we can of the 342 miles that make up the Sespe Wilderness in Los Padres National Forest. We will spend four nights in the backcountry before heading to the Western Regional Outdoor Leadership Conference to continue our training. Sespe Creek runs through a deep valley and offers gorgeous views of bays, oaks, chaparral, and plains.

This trip is designed to provide you with many opportunities for growth and development as an outdoor leader. You will have the chance to push yourself physically and mentally while living and traveling with a small group of peers. Since this is a training trip, ample time will be allocated for classes on outdoor living and outdoor leadership skills, including route planning, backpacking navigation, introspection and cooperative group management strategies. Serving as a leader of the day will provide you with an opportunity to practice leading a group followed by a group debrief in which you can share your personal assessment and receive timely peer feedback.

While there are no prerequisites for this trip, backpacking experience or an overnight experience with OA is highly recommended. We will be refining our technical skills while focusing on interpersonal skills throughout the trip. Be prepared to carry a heavy backpack and cover between 20 and 30 miles in five days with potential for some off-trail travel and day hikes. We will end the trip at WROLC, where each of you will have an opportunity to present to your peers and other outdoor enthusiasts on a topic of your choice. Attending WROLC is also a great way to network and grow as an outdoor leader.

Dates: January 12-18, 2015

Cost: $225, includes meals, transportation, equipment, and conference fees.