Student Engagement

High Impact Practices

Academic programs embed high impact practices that are known to enhance student engagement and increase student learning. See the many USD programs committed to high impact practices:

Measuring Student Engagement


Decades of higher education research show that student engagement is central to student learning and success. The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is a survey that measures the extent to which undergraduate students actively participate in their educational experience. We share the most recent NSSE engagement indicator reports on high-impact practices, Catholic mission, academic challenge, learning with peers, experiences with faculty, and campus environment. 


NSSE - Engagement Indicator Reports

These reports show USD’s commitment to educating the whole person—intellectually, physically, spiritually, emotionally, socially and culturally.

High-Impact Practices Report

  • Service Learning
  • Learning Community
  • Research with a Faculty Member
  • Internship or Field Experience
  • Study Abroad
  • Culminating Senior Experience

Catholic Mission Report

  • Ethical and Spiritual Development
  • Volunteering and Community Service
  • Social and Personal Development
  • Career and Leadership Development
  • Appreciation of Diversity

Academic Challenge Report

  • Higher-Order Learning
  • Reflective & Integrative Learning
  • Learning Strategies
  • Quantitative Reasoning

Learning with Peers Report

  • Collaborative Learning
  • Discussions with Diverse Others

Experiences with Faculty Report

  • Student-Faculty Interactions
  • Effective Teaching Practices

Campus Environment Report

  • Quality of Interactions
  • Supportive Environment