Institutional Learning Outcomes

Institutional Learning Outcomes at USD are the layering of USD’s core values, program-learning outcomes, and undergraduate and graduate learning outcomes. Student learning outcomes assessment is the most direct way to gauge student success in curricular and co-curricular programs. Assessment of these outcomes occurs at various points throughout a student’s program of study. To review the outcomes of USD's Core Curriculum, browse to the Core website. Although the Core has more than five outcomes, the five Undergraduate Learning Outcomes with parenthesis next to them indicating alignment to the Core represent WSCUC's "Big 5" Core Competencies of all regionally accredited institutions.

Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

  • #1 Knowledge
  • #2 Information Literacy (aligned to Core outcome)
  • #3 Creative Thinking
  • #4 Critical Thinking (aligned to Core outcome)
  • #5 Analytical Inquiry
  • #6 Quantitative Reasoning (aligned to Core outcome)
  • #7 Oral Communication (aligned to Core outcome)
  • #8 Written Communication (aligned to Core outcome)
  • #9 Second Language
  • #10 Diversity-Inclusion-Social Justice
  • #11 Civic Engagement
  • #12 Integrated Learning
  • #13 Ethical Reasoning

Graduate Learning Outcomes

  • #1 Knowledge
  • #2 Diverse Perspectives
  • #3 Critical Inquiry (Competency Skills)
  • #4 Applied Learning
  • #5 Communication
  • #6 Ethical Reasoning

Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes

  • Authentic Engagement
  • Identities and Communities
  • Purpose
  • Courageous Living
  • Well-Being