Evidence of Student Learning

The University of San Diego is strongly committed to student learning outcome achievement as primary indicators of success in striving for academic excellence in undergraduate and graduate education. Its Roman Catholic traditions assure students of the acquisition of knowledge, values, skills, and practice that contribute to personal development, professional accomplishment, and financial viability in a changing world. Student learning outcome assessments provide us with systematic evidence of knowledge, competencies, and educational experiences so that we can evaluate our progress, support our continued success, and target specific areas for improvement.

Each academic program is student-centered, identifying learning outcomes and evaluating data within the undergraduate and graduate degree programs. We strive for assessments that are both meaningful and realistic, using a variety of methods and targeting specific outcomes over multi-year cycles. We engage in continual discussion on the implications that we derive from our findings, whether these result in curricular restructuring, revising course/program content and design, or exploring instructional practices. 

Review recent summaries of our student learning outcomes assessments for each of our units below. More detailed reports are available in the University's assessment management system, TracDat.