Why Hire with USD?

Our curriculum is grounded in a Catholic intellectual tradition, which means that our students have a unique advantage over those from most other universities.

An education in this environment is an investment in the development of the whole person—their intellectual, spiritual, creative and social capacity. Our students have a keen sense of the dignity of every person, and they understand the importance of sound ethical judgment and behavior.

They enter the job market with a more balanced and well-rounded education. Their academic specialties in professional or scientific disciplines are combined with a comprehensive liberal arts acumen. This results in an employee candidate who can think critically and quantitatively, can write well, can recognize problems, asks the right diagnostic questions and then works effectively within teams to deliver solutions.

Begin quote USD students seem really interested in how they were going to make a positive impact and add value to the company - and that’s the kind of employees we are looking for – Alan Stewart, FIT Advisors