Preferred Name

In addition to all of the information below, you may review the full Preferred Name Administrative Protocol.
  • Student Preferred First Name Administrative Protocol
  • Implementation
  • When will my preferred first name appear in university systems?
  • Will my preferred first name appear everywhere or be used in everywhere in campus systems?
  • May I request a preferred middle name and last name?
  • Can I change my preferred name to whatever I want?
  • Do I have to determine and request a preferred first name?
  • When/why will campus departments use my legal name?
  • How do I correct or change my legal name for university systems?
  • Can I change my gender identity in the system?
  • Can I get a new email address that uses my preferred first name?
  • How do I get a new student identification card with my preferred first name?
  • What is the fee for a new student identification card?
  • Can I have my preferred name appear on my diploma or in the Commencement program?