Verification of Enrollment

Verification of Enrollment Form

If you need to have your enrollment verified for things like: outside scholarships, health insurance, employment, or car insurance please submit the Verification of Enrollment Form for completion. Please keep in mind that USD can only verify semesters for which you are already registered. Final grades do not appear on the Verification of Enrollment form. If you wish to have a record of your grades please request an official transcript. Processing time typically ranges from 3-5 days. Once ready, your form can be mailed to the address you specify or picked up at the One Stop depending on your preference.

Federal Loan Deferment Form

Please contact your lender for your deferment form and submit by mail, fax, or in person to One Stop with the address of the lender listed on the form. Please ensure your personal information is completely filled out and the form is signed before submitting.

Campus-based Loan Deferment Form

To file a Loan Deferment for your USD Campus-based loan (such as the Federal Perkins Loan, Trust, Nursing and Education Loan), please fill out Part A of the School Deferment Application (PDF), forward it to the school you are attending classes and request they complete Part B and return the certified application to the address listed on the form.

If you have questions about loan deferment eligibility, please refer to your promissory note(s) to ensure you meet the pertinent requirements.

Apostille/Notarized Transcript/Diploma

For students who require a notarized transcript and/or diploma for an Apostille, please follow the Apostille Instructions. Note that the Apostille process through the California Secretary of State can take up to two months. Please make sure to plan accordingly and expect delays.