Leaves and Withdrawals

Leave of Absence - Undergraduate

An undergraduate student who will not be registered at the university during a regular semester (fall and/or spring), but would like to return without applying for readmission, must request a leave of absence (LOA) by the last day to enroll in classes for that semester.

The Center for Student Success does not assist with medical leaves of absence or graduate student leaves of absence. More information about these options is below:

Leave of Absence - Graduate

A Leave of Absence is an approved, limited suspension of participation in a graduate program during the Fall and/or Spring semester (a Leave is not necessary for the January Intersession or the Summer Sessions). A Leave allows students in good academic standing to take time off and return to the University without applying for readmission. However, a Leave does not constitute grounds for an extension of the time limit for degree completion. Under ordinary circumstances, Leaves will be granted for up to one calendar year. Students who do not return and who later wish to return to the program, have to reapply for admission. Generally a Leave will not be granted to students who are approaching the limitation of time for program completion; to doctoral students who have been advanced to candidacy; or to master's students who have completed all course work and are working on a thesis. International students must obtain clearance from the International Resource Office at the University Center, Room 132.

Request a Leave of Absence

Withdrawal - Undergraduate

An undergraduate student withdrawing from the university during a semester or for a future semester must request a withdrawal from the Center for Student Success located in the University Center, Room 114.

Failure to do so before leaving the campus or, in the case of illness or other emergencies, as soon as the decision not to continue has been made, will result in non-passing grades in all courses, thereby jeopardizing eligibility to re-enter the University of San Diego or acceptance in another institution.

After the last day to enroll in classes, and continuing through the end of the 10th week of the semester (the last day to withdraw from classes), students may process a withdrawal to drop all their classes with grades recorded as Ws. After the last day to withdraw from classes, the student will receive grades for courses.

A student whose registration at the university is interrupted for one or more semesters must apply for readmission through the Office of the Registrar unless a leave of absence has been granted in writing.

The Center for Student Success does not assist with graduate and law student withdrawals.  More information about these options is below:

Withdrawal - Graduate

Students who terminate their enrollment in a graduate program must file an official Notice of Withdrawal with the Graduate Records Office. If they are currently registered for courses, students must withdraw prior to the deadline to withdraw from classes. Courses dropped on or before the deadline will receive a grade of 'W' (not included in the GPA). Filing a Notice of Withdrawal after the deadline will make the withdrawal effective at the end of the current term and will result in the posting of grades for the term. Students forced to discontinue enrollment after the withdrawal deadline due to a documented emergency may petition the Graduate Records Office for an exception to this policy; however, the petition must be filed prior to the last day of classes and is subject to review. International students must follow the same procedures and in addition, obtain clearance from the International Resource Office at the University Center, Room 132.

Notice of Withdrawal