University Scholarships

The University of San Diego offers many scholarships. Explore the information in each section below to learn how to find and apply for scholarships. 


Undergraduate Merit Scholarships (Alcala, Trustee, and Presidential)

  • Awards are automatically determined by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Your admission application is the application for the scholarships. Scholarship recipients will be notified in their acceptance packet.
  • Scholarships are awarded based upon superior academic performance including grades and course selection. Financial need is not considered in the awarding of merit scholarships.
  • Only freshman applicants are eligible for merit scholarship consideration.
  • Scholarship awards will range from $18,000–$25,000 and are renewable for four years by meeting minimum grade point average requirements and maintaining full-time enrollment each semester.
  • Merit Scholarships can only be used towards the actual cost of tuiton and direct USD expenses. 

Dean’s Graduate Merit Scholars

The Dean’s Graduate Merit Award is a one-time award of a designated amount without respect to financial need. If financial need is demonstrated, this tuition award must be coordinated with, and may include, other sources of assistance in compliance with requirements of federal, state, and institutional financial eligibility. Students may be full or part time, however, if their actual tuition costs are less than the amount of the initial award, they are only eligible to receive up to the actual cost of tuition and other USD expenses.  The amount of the award is not renewable; however, students may apply annually for a Dean’s Graduate Merit Scholarship. If you are determined eligible for this scholarship it will be awarded by your program. For questions about eligiblity or if your program offers this scholarship, please reach out to them directly. 


Up to full tuition and room and board depending on sport

  • All of our NCAA Division I sports have scholarships except Football and Men's Rowing.
  • Contact the coach directly if you are interested in finding out how to qualify.
  • You can find contact information at USD Athletics’ website:

College and Schools Scholarship Opportunities

College of Arts & Sciences: Students are advised to ask faculty members in specific departments about available scholarship opportunities.

School of Leadership and Education Sciences
School of Nursing and Health Science
School of Business

Choral Scholars Award

  • Award amount: $1,200-$10,000
  • Please review the Music Scholarships webpage for details on eligibility and application requirements.
  • Applications are due February 1.
  • Contact: Emilie Amrein, DMA

Music Scholarships

  • Award amount: $500-$15,000
  • The Department of Music offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities. Visit the Music Scholarships webpage for detailed information on the various award types, as well as eligibility and application requirements.
  • Contact: Ron Shaheen, PhD

USD Endowed and Yearly Scholarships:

The University of San Diego receives donations from private sources for endowments or yearly scholarships and administers these funds to provide various scholarships and grants to selected students in the name of the donor. In addition to meeting the USD Scholarship criteria, additional qualifications and requirements may be stipulated by the donor.

Students are automatically considered for any of the endowed or private yearly scholarships when they apply for financial aid at USD.

Other Scholarships (made available to USD students from other donors):

  • Colorado Alumnae Sacred Heart Scholarship

The information provided at the links below applies to NROTC (Navy) students, ROTC (Army) students, or those pursuing Nursing degrees.