Frequently Asked Questions

The USD Office of Student Financial Services welcomes you to the University of San Diego. We look forward to assisting you and your family as you pursue your educational goals.

  • What is the USD Office of Student Financial Services (SFS)?
  • What is a Student Account?
  • Will I receive a bill?
  • Will my parents receive a bill?
  • When is my bill due?
  • What shall I do if my account balance appears to be wrong?
  • How can I pay?
  • What if my payment is not received by the published deadline date?
  • Why was I assessed a $150 late registration fee?
  • Where can I get information regarding other charges?
  • Will I be allowed to register for the next semester if my bill is not paid in full?
  • Why is the amount of my bill different from my friend/roommate's bill?
  • What if I am expecting a tuition overpayment refund?
  • If my parent calls your office and asks about my account/bill, what information will USD release?