Move Out

Giving Proper Notice

If you are ending a rental agreement, you must give your landlord proper written notice before the moving date. If your rental agreement specifies the number of days of the notice, you must give the landlord written notice as required by the agreement.

Your letter to the landlord/property manager should include the following elements:

  • Your full name
  • Address of the property, including apartment or unit number
  • The date you intend to move
  • Don’t forget to date and sign the notice

Keep a copy of your letter.  It's best to deliver the notice to the landlord or property manager in person, or mail it by certified mail with return receipt requested.

Clean the property, and repair any damage

  1. Clean floors, carpets, walls, appliances, etc.
  2. Repair any damages to property

Security Deposit

If your unit is in good condition and you have complied with the terms of your rental agreement, your landlord should return your security deposit to you within 21 days of your moving out.