Before and After Move In

Before You Move In…

  • If the landlord makes any promises about the property, have them put it in writing and sign it.

After You Move In…

  • Save important paperwork regarding the property, including your copy of the lease, rental inspection check list, receipts of deposits and rent payments, and emails or written correspondence with your landlord.
  • Consider signing a Roommate Agreement with other tenants living the property. Each member should be given a copy. You can save problems by establishing agreements and understanding at the beginning.

Things to include in the Roommate Agreement:

  • Decide ways to share expenses for damages to the property such as refrigerator and furnishers
  • Set up agreement as to how utilities should be divided and who is responsible
  • Make schedules for cleaning the property and other duties
  • Ask your landlord for permission if you need to arrange for any utility hook-ups
  • Notify the landlords/property manager when anything needs to be repaired. It is best to hand-deliver a request in writing, or send it by certified mail. Always remembers to keep a copy for yourself.
  • Obey the laws of your neighborhood and apartment complex. 
  • Do not engage in, or allow, any illegal activity.