MEPN Students

Clinical Placement Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get to pick where I want to go for my clinicals?
You are assigned to your clinical sites. Clinical sites may rotate each semester, predicated by the clinical requirement. Students are exposed to a variety of clinical agencies so they can begin to see a multitude of ways in which nursing is practiced and health care is delivered.

Will I be able to set up my own clinical experience?
No. All clinical placements are arranged through the School of Nursing to meet the clinical requirement needs of the BRN (Board of Registered Nursing) for eligibility to sit for the RN licensure exam (NCLEX).

Will I be assigned close to my home?
Clinical placements are made to ensure that all students receive a variety of experiences. Students' home addresses cannot be considered in this process.

How will I know where to go and what to wear for my first clinical day?
This information will be disseminated at your Orientation. Your clinical instructor will meet with your clinical group and discuss details including clinical hours, unit, dress code, parking, specifics to the agency, course objectives.

What will be required of me while I am on site?
You will work with program faculty to satisfy the clinical and theoretical objectives for each clinical specialty experience. More in-depth learning outcomes are provided in the course syllabus. You will be expected to satisfy the school and clinical agency health requirements, background checks, drug screens, etc. You are also required to adhere to the standards, policies, and regulations of each clinical site during your clinical education program. 
Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, in the clinical agency and in the classroom This means professional attire, clinical identification badges, timeliness, professional communication, respect, completion of all assignments, and completion of all course objectives.