Background Check/Drug Screen Procedure

Students must have a clear criminal background check and drug screen to participate in placement in clinical facilities. Please follow instructions below:

  1. Go to the Customized Applicant Paying Website at to enter personal information. IMPORTANT: DO NOT make tying errors when entering personal information. All errors, no matter how innocent, may result in you having to re-pay and re-test with the corrected information.
    Examples of errors that have caused problems:
    Mixing up order of first, last and middle names

    Typing error in SS#

    Typing error in birth date
  2. You MUST check “yes” in the box that asks if you want a copy of your report and give a valid email address. You are required to have a copy of your report to verify your results and act on any discrepancies.
  3. Pay for your drug screen by selecting from two methods of payment (Money Order or Credit Card).
  4. Once paid, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you and to the USD Hahn School of Nursing & Health Science.
  5. The Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science will mail you the Chain of Custody form and a list of Quest Diagnostics locations for the drug screen. Approved Quest Diagnostics locations can also be found at
  6. Please contact one of the Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers to schedule an appointment for your drug screen. Take the Chain of Custody form to a Quest Diagnostics location and perform the drug screen.
  7. IMPORTANT: DO NOT drink more than 8 oz of fluid in the 2 hours prior to giving the urine sample. An abundance of fluid will result in a “dilute” reading which constitutes a “flagged” situation. It will keep you from attending clinicals and requires immediate re-payment and re-testing. At the facility, if you are not able produce a urine sample when requested, call ADB on how to proceed.

  8. The lab will run extensive tests to verify if the drug screen is negative/positive/dilute.
    When results are negative, a fax is sent from Quest to American DataBank to input the results. When results are dilute, you must contact American DataBank (1-800-200-0853) for further instructions. When results are positive, the results are forwarded to the Medical Review Officer. The Medical Review Officer will contact you for verification of any prescription drug you may be taking. After discussion, the Medical Review Office will send a fax to American DataBank to input the results and close the order. If the order is positive the Medical Review Office will list the drug that is positive.
  9. In approximately 10 days you will receive an email from ADB with the results. It is your responsibility to check and resolve any “flagged” situations. If you are “flagged”, call American DataBank (1-800-200-0853) for instructions on how to proceed. You are NOT required to disclose the reason for the flag. If a hospital will not allow you access because of a flag, it is your responsibility to handle the situation. If there is not a successful resolution, you may not be able to continue in the program.