Global Programs

Impacting global health, one community at a time.

Amid a world of changing demographic patterns, emerging diseases and mobile populations, our students have ample opportunity to care for the vulnerable. The School of Nursing supports activities focused on ethically sound and culturally sensitive educational experiences with global citizens, collaborative scholarship and research involving global populations. Our faculty and students uphold a thoughtful approach to the cross-cultural dimensions of our work.

Our global health opportunities teach our students to provide culturally competent, evidence-based care—while looking deeply at the geographic, economic and sociopolitical factors influencing health care around the globe.

Upcoming opportunities

Each year, new opportunities arise—here are a few coming up:

nursing students treating patients Eyesight project, Mexico
  • We work with a medical group that provides cataract surgeries in Tijuana and Tecate
  • Students assist healthcare providers with assessments and pre- and post-op teaching 
  • Students get opportunities to learn the role of the OR nurse
  • Students provide health teaching and screening to patients’ family members while they wait for patients to be cleared to go home
student checking patient's blood pressure La Morita Community Clinic, Mexico
  • Students perform screening for hypertension and other chronic disease processes and refer the patients to the clinic health provider 
  • Students teach patients about diabetes, hypertension, CPR, first aid, oral hygiene, and hand washing
  • Students collect data for nursing research
faculty and students on trip to help migrants Asylum seekers on both sides of the border
  • Students partner with the Mulvaney Center for Community Awareness and Social Action to help migrants caught in the border crisis
La Casa Memorias, Mexico
  • Students visit this home which provides care for those in Tijuana living with HIV
  • Students teach wound care, diet, hydration, oral care, and isolation precautions

The Hahn School of Nursing has impacted healthcare around the world.

Our faculty accompany students to nearby migrant camps, prisons, a school for homeless children and an orphanage in Tijuana—mere miles from San Diego yet a world away in need. We’ve also traveled to work with populations in places as far afield as Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and beyond. Where there’s a need, we seek to help.