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Nursing Theory: Maternal Role Attainment

Ramona Mercer's Theory of Maternal Role Attainment

Some references that cite many publications relevant to maternal role attainment:

  • Mercer, Ramona T. 1995. Becoming a Mother: Research from Rubin to the Present. NY: Springer Publishers. (Chapter 1 includes a complete description of theory of maternal role attainment)
  • Tomey, A.M., & Alligood, M.R. 1998. Nursing Theorists and their Work, 4th Edition. St.Louis: Mosby. (Chapter 27--Ramona T. Mercer: Maternal Role Attainment, pps 407-422) Meighan, M. (In Press) .
  • Mercer's Theory of Maternal Role Attainment. In M.R. Alligood & A. Marriner-Tomey, Nursing Theory: Utilization and Application, 2nd edition.
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