Master of Science in Nursing Nurse Practitioner Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically assess the health problems that are commonly seen by NP in the age groups specific to the scope of practice of their population foci. 
  2. Collaboratively manage the health problems commonly experienced in these client populations using pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapeutic modalities.
  3. Perform comprehensive health appraisals to identify client strengths and health risks as a foundation for evidence-based health promotion and illness prevention.
  4. Engage in strategies that empower individuals from selected client populations in health promotion and disease prevention.
  5. Collaborate with and refer to other health providers and community resources to resolve acute and chronic conditions.
  6. Use evidence-based practice and practice guidelines to meet the needs of diverse populations.
  7. Analyze health care delivery systems and practice patterns minimize health care disparities to improve access, care quality, outcomes, and cost-effectiveness.